Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How do Teams Buzz In?

Question from a team building specialist: How can teams buzz in to Game Show Presenter?

The Game Show Presenter software currently tracks up to 10 players or teams. If you are using lockout buzzers for your game show event, then each team would have one buzzer. Some buzzers have a handheld design, so in that case each team would need a team captain to hold the buzzer. (For trainers who emphasize team building, this is a chance for teams to work on communication skills.) Other buzzers are table-top buttons that are easily shared by members of a team.

When a team is the first to buzz in, Game Show Presenter will put that team's name at the top of the screen so everyone knows which team should answer, and it starts a countdown timer to motivate a quick response.

When using buzzers that communicate directly with our software, there are some great features that give you extra control over the how people compete. For instance, you can set a delay period so no one can buzz in until after the delay. That's ideal if you want time to read the question aloud. It also prevents teams from hitting their buzzers the moment the question appears rather than taking time to read the question and think about the answer. It's also very useful to have the game deduct points for wrong answers, which gives a further incentive to players to read and think before they buzz-in.

Advanced buzzer options like these have been part of Game Show Presenter software for the past 10 years. We are happy to answer your questions about buzzers. We post the lastest game show buzzer news on our buzzer page.

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