Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Make Your Conference Presentation a Hit

Are you giving a presentation or running a workshop soon? This conference season is just starting and we've already heard from a dozen or so presenters asking: how do I use the game show to engage my  audience for maximum impact? Engagement is essential, because if people aren't paying attention all your preparation and time is for nothing.

Fortunately, it's easy and effective to use Game Show Presenter to grab and hold attention in a fun way. Below is a summary of ideas for using this tool to boost attention and retention of your message. Keep in mind, we welcome your contacts if you want to get into specifics.
  • To recap for those who are new to this concept, Game Show Presenter is presentation software that lets you create a TV-style quiz show that uses your questions about your topic. (There's a trial version here.) It's interactive, so people are challenged to use their knowledge to answer the questions. This recall process of putting new information to immediate use helps fix it in mind for the future. Plus, the game energizes your entire audience by providing humor, a challenge, and a change of pace. The presentation includes music, sound effects, animation and score-keeping to wrap an entertainment look and feel around any topic.
  • One of the best times to use Game Show Presenter is to wrap-up your presentation with a review of your key points. This energizes your audience and lets them reinforce what they've learned in a fun, memorable way. And all that tends to come back to you in the form of positive remarks on speaker review surveys!
  • Motivational refreshment for lengthy events: Half-day, all-day and multiple day events and presentations can really drain people's focus and energy. You can help by combining motivational refreshment with a review of your key points. Just make a series of mini quiz games that recap material before each of your break periods. This helps reinforce your message as you build it! And you can build excitement by telling your attendees that the material they learn now will be part of a final quiz show challenge where they can really show what they know!
  • How does the audience interact with the game? They don't need their own computers or gadgets to play the game. They simply watch your main presentation screen and interact with the game by telling you their answers. You simply press the multiple choice answer keys to enter their answers. Or for the Hidden Answer style of question, you use the "r" key for a right answer, or the "w" key to signal a wrong answer. It's easy!
  • Want maximum competition or do you want to keep it relaxed? You have options! Game Show Presenter has 3 ways to play. The simplest is "One-Player Mode" where the entire audience is one team. Anybody can take on any question. (Idea: For a neat spin, collect their names in a jar and call on people randomly to select a question from a Jeopardy-type grid. For correct answers, move their names to another jar from which you will draw a grand prize at the end!) If you want to ramp up the spirit of competition, there are two other ways: You can form small teams and have people compete by buzzing in. Or, you can divide your room into large teams -- such as left half of the room versus right half of the room -- and use "Players Take Turns" mode to have questions addressed to each side of the room. The software will track scores for up to 10 teams.
  • What about exhibits? Can we run a game show at a trade show booth? Yes! In fact, we have a special bundle just for that. It includes a version of the software that turns your quiz into a walk-up attraction in your booth. It can record user name and score results, so you have a record of who played and how they did. Many exhibitors have used that as the basis for a prize drawing. But other exhibitors take a different approach by conducting a live, trivia contest among attendees in their booth. This usually generates a lot of buzz and draws a crowd. Game Show Presenter PLUS and a set of buzzers make this kind of trivia contest easy to do.
  • Be Your Own Live Host or Not: Some presenters want to be in the role of game show emcee, and others are happy to turn that duty over to the optional animated host named Al Morale, who is part of the software. Your choice. If you are the host, then the software acts as your quiz presentation system and still provides music and sound effects, plus score-keeping and all that.
Those are some of the ways you can engage your audience, get their attention and participation, and generate positive buzz during your next conference or meeting event. Questions? We're happy to hear from you. If you want to play with this presentation tool and see what it's about, here's a free trial version for Windows and another Mac version.



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