Monday, March 05, 2012

Liven Up Your Webinar

How do you make a webinar more interesting? That question came in last week from an HR trainer who conducts monthly training webinars for her 80 workers spread across the US. 

Webinars are a special challenge for presenters. The people you are trying to reach are often at their desks surrounded by all their regular duties and distractions. So the webinar content has to compete for attention with all of that. What to do? 

Make your webinar more interactive with a webinar game that delivers your key concepts in a fun and memorable way..

Our Game Show PLUS program has been used with GoToMeetings and similar services to run a game show-style review presentation. The presenter runs the game show on her computer and controls the show. Trainees use either the chat feature or phone connection to answer the quiz show questions. Since the show has a lot of fun audio (music, sound effects, funny host comments), it helps to include the audio feed as well as visuals of the game. 

Teamwork or Competition?

The PLUS Edition has three modes of play, and two of them are suited to webinars. The easiest to use is the "1-Player" mode in which everyone in the webinar works as a team to answer the questions.  It's a fun way to review the key points and details of your presentation. You can also have the quiz show pause at the end of each question, giving you a chance to correct any misconceptions.

If you want a more competitive atmosphere, you can use "Players Take Turns" form of play. In that, you would divide your webinar crew into teams (up to 10). As a simple example, we'll say there's an East Team and a West Team. So, the first question would go to East Team, and those players would work together to give you an answer either by phone or chat. (There can be a timer to add to the challenge and keep your webinar on schedule.) The game will keep score. The second question is addressed to the West Team. And so on. 

If you are doing multiple-choice questions, it always helps maintain attention when you add one absurd or funny answer choice. Any time you add effective humor, it's a reward for those who paid attention and a wake-up for those who missed it and feel suddenly out of touch. So use humor to your advantage and everyone's benefit. 

Both of these methods deliver a fun way to do "retrieval practice" to reinforce the training message of the month. (By having people utilize new information by recalling it to meet a need -- even in a game, they are more likely to remember the information.) 

Do you have a question for us about the use of games and quiz shows in training or presentations?  Quiz us! 


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