Sunday, March 20, 2011

No Buzzers? No Problem.

Buzzers are optional
when using Game Show Presenter in a quiz game. For one easy alternative, use a drawing container. Before the game, pass the container around so people can add their name if they want to participate.

Then, start the quiz show using 1-player mode. When a question appears, draw a name and that person gets a chance to answer. Or if you are playing with a Jeopardy-style category board, then draw the name and let that person choose a question from the categories.

To generate even more motivation, add a prize drawing at the end of the quiz. Let your audience know that anyone who gives a correct answer during the game will have his or her name moved to the prize-drawing container. At the end of the show, draw and award the prize to one person.

It's a fun, easy and low-cost way to conduct a quiz show presentation with Game Show Presenter software.