Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who Do You Train?

Do you train your customers? Independent reps or dealers? Volunteers? Training these groups is different from training staff. Their participation is voluntary and they may not be getting paid to sit through the  training. So you must constantly earn their attention and maintain their motivation, even when the subject matter gets dry. That's where a training game like Game Show Presenter really pays off.

When you make an effort to make your training material fun and engaging, people will respond to that. You can increase the level of participation and retention while you also boost morale. Instead of the usual ho-hum review, you can present a game show-style activity that presents your material in an energizing and challenging experience.

There are two forms of Game Show Presenter software: one for live, instructor-led training and another for online training. You can see a live demo of the online version at www.elearning-games.com. Let us know which version is best suited to your needs. And if you need both, we will make a special software bundle for you that gives you both tools at a significant discount.

Training customers, volunteers or distributors can be crucial to building future sales or service. So get maximum benefit by adding game show-style training either online or as part of your instructor-led training events. Contact us if you want to discuss how to do this.

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