Monday, December 28, 2009

High Cost of Neglecting Safety Training

What happens when safety training is neglected? Kansas City, Missouri, is offering an unfortunate example for all to see in this report from the Kansas City Star.

According to data from the National Council for Compensation Insurance, Kansas City’s workers’ compensation losses are running an average of 30 percent more than other cities of similar size. Effective safety training programs pay for themselves by helping reduce injuries and claims.

The safety training industry offers a wide range of services that will help Kansas City catch up with standard safety practice while reducing costs. The trick will be for the city to find funds for this effort during this recession. It's the classic pinch point of a rock and a hard place. They say "Safety first", but this is really a case of "Funding first." We're hoping the city will be able to get a safety training program underway in 2010. At least now it is aware of the problem and the opportunity to make valuable improvements.