Friday, March 06, 2009

Kindle as Training and HR Tool

Amazon's version 2 of the Kindle electronic reading device makes this wireless, paperless technology even more interesting as a tool for training and human resources.

Most people think of the Kindle as an electronic book platform, which it is, but if you work in training or human resources, consider these other uses:
  • Kindle can display PDF and Word files. You can simply email the files to the Kindle. That makes Kindle a very cost-efficient and green way to make your employee manuals and other workplace documentation available to workers who do not have PC access. Best of all, updating your documentation is as easy emailing the latest version to the Kindle.
  • Kindle can read text aloud. This is a great capability for workers who need access to manuals of instruction or documentation as they are engaged in the work. They can keep their eyes and hands on the task while listening to the instructions. It also makes your information more accessible to workers who don't read well.
PDF technology has been great for distributing documents, forms and publications in electronic format, provided all your people are on computers. But now Kindle extends the range of all your docs, forms and pubs to reach your entire workforce without the necessity for universal PC access.

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