Friday, June 30, 2006

Ideas for Channel Training

Our customers include many companies that rely on sales channel partners to sell their products through dealers, distributors and independent outlets. Training these independent parties can be tough. They do not easily form into captive audiences and you don't have the authority of an employer-trainee relationship. So it sure helps to make channel training fun.

We recently finished an eLearning game show project that provides fun sales channel training quizzes on a global basis, in a fun format, and at the convenience of the sales channel trainee. Training games are a powerful way to educate and entertain channel sales partners, whether you do so online or during sales presentations.

For other ideas about channel training, we were pleased to see an article by Kendra Lee providing ideas specifically about channel sales training. Read her ideas for channel sales training article in Training Magazine. Ms. Lee is president of KLA Group, a sales consulting and training firm.