Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Training Idea of the Month - Dec. 2005

It's the season for year-end holiday parties and, as usual, many of the same tired ideas and behaviors will be reappearing. That creates an opportunity for trainers and presenters to use their expertise to inject new life in these events.

You have the gear -- a projector and a laptop -- and you have the expertise to deliver a message to an audience in a lively format. So here's the idea. Write a quiz show game based on company trivia and present it as an ice-breaker at your holiday party. If you already own a license for Game Show Presenter, it can make a great presentation in short order. Otherwise, you are welcome to use the trial version of our software. With not much effort, you can have a high-profile activity that will be the highlight of the party. If you need some funny "lovely partying gifts" for your contestants, try officeplayground.com.