Friday, September 30, 2005

Game Show buzzer features

Many users of Game Show Presenter are adding game show buzzers to their training and classroom games. So the new version 4.2 of the Presentation Edition includes several new controls for the buzz-in mode of play.

The main problem with buzz-in competition is that some players may use a "buzz first, think later" strategy, which results in either that player dominating the game or in the entire event degenerating into a button race. Either way, it takes the focus off of learning and thinking.

We solved this by adding several features to Game Show Presenter v4.2. Now you can set a buzz-in delay period of up to 30 seconds. During that time, buzzer signals are ignored by Game Show Presenter. When the time is up, a sound effect plays and a "Buzzers On!" message appears on screen.

There is also a 2-second penalty applied to any player who pushes his buzzer button during the delay period. (This only applies if the buzzers are directly connected to the computer, such as the USB buzzers at This should discourage players from holding their button down during the delay period in order to be the first buzz-in when the delay has ended.

    Also in the new version:
  • Variable countdown timer that appears after a player has buzzed in.
  • Single-answer questions as well as multiple choice. To use single answer, you simply evaluate the answer given verbally by the player. If it is right, you press "r" or "w" for wrong. Then Game Show Presenter will respond accordingly.
  • More than one guess per question. Players can keep buzzing in to answer until someone gets it right. (If nobody buzzes in, hit the ENTER key to pass the question.)
  • There's a new option to have the points for a question reduced by half after each wrong guess.

Version 4.2 of the Windows Presentation Edition is a free upgrade to current users and a trial version is available to others.


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